Sirs is This the Time
  1  ____ Standing in the Gap
               Paul, A Prisoner of Christ

  2  ____ Greatest Battle Ever Fought
               Stature of a Perfect Man

  3  ____ Spoken Word, Original Seed

               Doing God a Service
  4  ____ Spiritual Food in Due Season
               What is the Attraction on the Mt
               Satan's Eden

               Third Exodus
  5  ____ Is Your Life Worthy the Gospel
               Uniting Time and Sign

  6  ____ Taking Sides With Jesus

  7  ____ Seed is Not Heir With the Shuck

               Seed of Discrepancy
               Man Running from the Presence
  8  ____ God's Chosen Place of Worship
               Who is This Melchesidec?

               It Is The Rising of the Sun
  9  ____ Does God Ever Change His Mind
               Choosing of a Bride

               Souls That Are in Prison Now
  10____ He That is In You
               Rejected King

               Events Made Clear by Prophecy
  11____ The Absolute

               I Have Heard but Now I See
  12____ God's Only Provided Place
               The Wings of Snow White Dove

               Knoweth It Not
  13____ Christ Revealed in His Word
               Works is Faith Expressed

               Revelation of Jesus Christ
  14____ Flashing Red Light His Coming
               Things That Are to Be

  15____ Unveiling of God

               Kinsmen Redeemer
  16____ Appropriate Gifts
               There is a Man Here Can Turn

               What Shall I do with Jesus
  17____ Three Kinds of Believers
               Broken Cisterns

               Feast of the Trumpets
  18____ Going Beyond the Camp
               Rec. Your Day & It's Message

               Ashamed of Him
  19____ Thinking Man's Filter
               Invisible Union


                Anointed Ones the End Time
  20____  God of This Evil Age
                Communion (Tucson)

  21____  Christ the Mystery
                Look Away to Jesus

  22____  Future Home
                Proving His Word

                Why Cry?  Speak!
  23____  Perfect Faith

                Birth Pains
  24____  This Day This Scripture
                Marriage and Divorce

                Life Story
  25____  How the Angel Came to Me
                The Way of a True Prophet

  26____  Seven Seals

  27____  Seven Church Ages

  28____  Laodicean Church Age

  30____  The Messenger

  32____  Man Sent from God

  33____  Prophet Visits South Africa

  34____  Only Believe Song Books

  S1____  Understanding the Godhead

  S2____  That Woman Jezebel

  S3____  The Original Sin

  S4____  The Lord God Hath Spoken

  S5____  Signs of the Supernatural

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 THE REDEEMED     Feelin' at home

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  Feeling At Home
  Beneath The Fountain
  Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  Leaning Place
  Angels All Around
  Yes I Know
  What A Lovely Name
  From Sin Set Free
  On A Journey


  THE REDEEMED     Leaving Here

  Available in CD or Cassette.

  CD $12.00 Cass $12.00 CDN
  CD $12.00 Cass $12.00 USD

  He's Calling You
  It Was For Me
  Keep Your Light Shining Bright
  I'm So Happy Within
  Love, Unfailing Love (Wedding Song)
  Leaving Here
  A Reflection of Your Word / Just To Have You Lord
  No One Can Refuse
  Life's Lonesome Road
  The Kings Highway / I Love You Lord Jesus



  Available in Cassette Only  $5.00    CDN or USD

  Side One
  In His Hands
  Just Imagine Heaven
  Jericho Road
  If Heaven's A Dream
  Why Not Tonight

  Side Two  
  Make Ready
  Sweet Anointing
  One of These Days
  Where Will You Be
  Old Account